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Argomento: Walking in the Lands of Prosecco and Cartizze Wine

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Walking in the Lands of Prosecco and Cartizze Wine

02/12/2014 17:51

"Marca gioiosa et amorosa"

I love very much the region where I live and where I was born: Veneto.

Through my blog and my articles, I'm trying to share this passion with you.

Today I want to talk about a small area of the Treviso Prealpi - between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene - where Prosecco and Cartizze vineyards are cultivated.

This area is located north of the Treviso province, called since 1200 "Marca gioiosa et amorosa" because of its cheerful character, welcoming poets and knightly feasts.

Walking on these hills you can see in the distance  the plain of the Piave River, dramatic theater of the First World War, the front along which were Austro-German occupation troops, after the Caporetto defeat.

                                        The vineyards and the plain of the Piave River in the distance

This region, famous for its ancient villages, aristocratics villas and historical memories, keeps a deep contact with the people living there, a contact made of traditions and love for the products of the earth - first of all wine - to be offered its visitors as in 1200.

A walk from San Salvatore Castle to Collalto Castle

During a wonderful day at the end of October, I walked from San Salvatore Castle to Collalto Castle. The village of Susegana is the starting point of this nice excursion and it is known because the Counts of Collalto built their castles on the hills surrounding this village.

San Salvatore Castle was strongly hit during WWI, whereas the ruins of walls, the ancient tower and the main door of Collalto Castle are still visible.

                                       The main door of San Salvatore Castle

A beautiful tree lined road runs along the walls and shows a stunning landscape on the underlying vineyards.

                                        The Walls of San Salvatore Castle

                                        The Walls, the vineyards and the old trees

The road becomes a steep path opening on large fields dominated by yellow farm houses. They are characterized by red bands on the upper part, the sign that they belong to the Collalto Counts. This is the reason why these farm houses are called "Case Collaltine".

                                       Case Collaltine

The purpose of this trip is to reach the village of Collalto with its ancient tower. If you are lucky, you can eat a tasty spit at the restaurant just in front of the tower!!

To come back to Susegana, you can take a different path that forms a loop with the previous one.

This article doesn't want to be a detailed guide  - please consult a book or internet for this - but only a suggestion that is worth a week end in this area, maybe in autumn when colours are magic.

                                       The vines