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Argomento: Spring/Summer '14 Fashion Trends: flowered girls but also casual outfit

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Spring/Summer '14 Fashion Trends: flowered girls but also casual outfit

27/02/2014 09:56

A few suggestions for Spring/Summer 2014:


Disegner would like to dress women like flowered girls:flower prints competing with botanical books!!

Pastel shades for maxi roses, branches of peach, mimosas and floral bouquets.

Little daises and stylized flowers on t-shirts and dresses.

In my opinion, the best dress is Dolce e Gabbana's (see photo gallery)

Fortunately, we can buy also casual outfit if we don't love the "romantic mood"


You see them everywhere: on bags, on boots, on jeans, on bikers jackets. They recall the hippie/folk style.

They become edges on skirts and elegant tops to evoke 20s look.

I like them only on a"texan look".


It is surely the most trendy garment for next spring/summer.

Sporty style - like a baseball player - in fleece, in denim, bicolored

Chic, in light fabric or "glitter" for "evening" outfit

By the way, for Autumn/Winter '14 the "metallic effect" will be a real obsession.

For those of us who are "jeans addict", a nice t-shirt, a bomber jacket and "ultraflat" shoes, very trendy this season, is a perfect outfit!

Photo Gallery: