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Argomento: Shopping in Veneto: outlet, thematic tours and craft shops

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Shopping in Veneto: outlet, thematic tours and craft shops

30/10/2014 18:46

Veneto is a region offering  “shopping addicts” plenty of opportunities to cultivate their passion and different types of shops where to enter:


Outlets are real shopping villages where you can find top designer clothes, accessories, home furnishing and much more.

These outlets also provide a range of services such as restaurants, parking, VIP cards…

Mc Arthur Glen Designer Outlet is the biggest shopping village in Veneto, located in Noventa di Piave, near Venice, Treviso and Jesolo, one of the most popular beach of the Adriatic Sea.

In summer time, during their holiday, many foreign tourists visit this outlet and find very convenient prices!

Mc Arthur Glen Outlet offers more than  120 shops with  the most prestigious Italian Brands: Fendi, Valentino, Armani, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo...

You can buy there your favourite brands with a discount up to 70% throughout the year, as well as dedicated discount for groups!

To enjoy a well-deserved break, you can sit in different restaurants where you can taste a great Prosecco wine, also for sale in gift boxes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to book a shopping tour with me during your holiday in Venice!


Thematic outlets are specialized in the sale of a single type of product: sport clothing and accessories, shoes and much more.

Treviso Region is famous for Sports Outlet, Padova – Riviera del Brenta for handmade shoes and so on… 


Wine shops and food stores offer  typical products of the Veneto Region: you can taste cheese and oil and ham before buying them.

The “Wine and Typical Products Roads” are itineraries of great scenic and cultural interest and they deserve at least a long week end.

I suggest you:

  • The Wine Roads
  • The White Asparagus of Cimadolmo PGS Tour
  • The Treviso Red Chicory and Castelfranco Variegated Chicory Tour
  • The Vialone Nano Veronese PGS Tour
  • The Road of Cheese and Flavours of the Belluno Dolomites

If you are planning to visit Milan Expo Exhibition next spring and summer, don’t miss a tour in the Veneto Region!

I’m not a Tour Operator but I can offer you a shopping tour in the above-mentioned roads.

I’m sure that we can discover many pretty little things to be bought.


Boutiques,  craft shops and markets are places where to find unusual, handmade objects.

High quality shopping is still the Italian benchmark and I will show you how to recognize it.

Contact me to get more information about your customized shopping tour.