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Argomento: “In Springtime: Flowers, Water and Castles” Strassoldo Castle

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“In Springtime: Flowers, Water and Castles” Strassoldo Castle

21/03/2014 16:03

“In Springtime: Flowers, Water and Castles” Strassoldo Castle - Udine FVG

Open on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th April 2014 (from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Last year, visiting for the first time the exhibition “In Springtime: Flowers, Water and Castles” held at Strassoldo Castles (Udine – Friuli Venezia Giulia), I was enchanted by the beauty of this location and the perfect organization of the event.

The Castle, let say 2 Castles, Strassoldo di Sopra e Strassoldo di Sotto,  built nearly a thousand years ago, are located inside a medieval “borgo”, are surrounded by a park of old trees and watered by a stream of spring waters.

Hence the name “Waters Castles”

For this event, held in spring - “Flowers, Water and Castles” – and in autumn – “Fruits, Water and Castles” – the owners open the main buildings of the Castles and some other places inside the village: the “Folador”, the “Pileria del riso”, the “Cancelleria”and the “Vicinia”.

The target of this exhibition is a Client looking for quality in shopping – not necessarily expensive – coming from Italy but also from Austria, Slovenia, Croazia.

This gorgeous show of fine craftsmanship runs inside the ancient medieval rooms. Each room, each stairs, each door and balcony are superbly decorated with  bouquets of flowers which enhance the beauty of the crafts.



Handmade bags from worn jeans, old iron turned into sculptures for the garden,  silk scarves printed through the transposition of the colour left from the leaves of trees and roses…. Here everything is magic!!

What to say? Word are not enough to describe an exhibition so rich in history, culture, art and nature.

I’ll be there, do you like to come with me? Please contact me as soon as possible and we’ll organize this beautiful tour,  called also  “Quality in shopping experience”.

Then I’ll publish some pictures of this experience, also to convince you to participate to the autumnal event “Fruit, water and Castles”.

The same day you can visit: Aquileia (ancient Roman town), Grado, Palmanova (a Renaissance fortress) and Villa Manin (residence of the last Doge di Venezia).

Don’t miss this chance!!