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Argomento: Evergreen but trendy for Spring/Summer 2014

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Evergreen but trendy for Spring/Summer 2014

10/02/2014 17:05

It is not a nonsense to speak of "evergreen" but "trendy" because some clothes overcame their seasonal life to become "evergreen".

Year after year we find them on our fashion magazines: I'm speaking of the "wild print" garments!

A style inspired by the animals skins: leopard, zebra,  ocelot, snake, a real roundabout of spots.

Each of us has at least a piece like this in her wardrobe: a scarf, a bag, a dress, a lingerie set, a pair of shoes.......

For Spring/Summer 2014, the most famous designers put in their collection the "animalier print" Again and again!!!

Look at:

Maybe it is too much?
What do you think about it?
Let me know your opinion!