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Accreditation to the Expo Veneto portal: discover my events

17/02/2015 11:30

2015 will be for Italy and also for the Veneto Region an important year from the point of view of tourism for the large flow of italian and foreign presences who will visit the World Expo in Milan, from May to October 2015.

Veneto will host this great event with a parallel exhibition at Expo Milano, called Aquae 2015

This exhibition will develop, through various events, conferences and experiential activities, the theme of water, in reference to the theme of Expo Milano "Feeding the Planet, energy for Life".  And who better than Venice, water city par excellence, can represent this element?

Many of those who will go to Milan, will also visit the Veneto and Venice and will experience interesting and engaging experiences in different fields of interest.


The portal ExpoVeneto - www.expoveneto.it - was born as a window and guide to events organized in Veneto but also as a window for companies in our area that have something to offer to visitors.

 By clicking on "Events" in the portal,  various arguments will be listed, all related to the themes of the Expo. Under the theme "Life" argument "Style" you will find  three proposal of shopping tours.


Even My Personal Shopper in Venice is part of this great community of companies that have achieved accreditation to the portal because they offer significant experiences, enhancing the "made in Italy" and the Veneto Region.

Here's what:

"Luxury shopping tour in Venice with a personal shopper" 

Craft Shopping in the secret streets of Venice

Shopping tour with a personal shopper at Mc Arthur Glen Outlet

These shopping tours are also available for all the readers of my blog and my website visitors.

Contact me and together we’ll personalize your shopping tour!